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  • You have lost data;
  • Your computer has failed to boot up;
  • Your hard drive or data partition has become inaccessible;
  • Your data is corrupt;
  • Your hard disk has crashed and does not show up any more; ("operating system not found" message.)
  • Your laptop is dead or extremely slow in booting up or running applications;
  • You have you dropped your portable hard drive or your laptop;
  • Your hard disc is making clicking or clunking noises

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About Data Handlers Africa Group

Data Handlers Africa Group is Africa’s No 1 Data recovery solutions provider; we pride ourselves to providing services that are unrivaled in the entire continent with over 5 years, Data Handlers Africa Group has been pioneering data recovery services for all types of media and systems. With a team of over 100 qualified engineers working in our different branches, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a tailored solution for your data needs.

Data Handlers Africa Group offers data recovery and data management software and services to clients in a wide range of sectors and circumstances, from commercial organisations, governments, charities and the public sector, through to home users. At Data Handlers Africa Group, we understand how important and valuable electronic data can be and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions available for tasks including data recovery, data destruction, archiving and analysis.

As one of the most advanced and most experienced providers of data recovery and management products, Data Handlers Africa Group has a vast range of tools and knowledge to help businesses and consumers effectively recover, restore, erase and manage information on devices ranging from computers and servers, through to storage devices, disks and tapes or any complex environment.

Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery Solutions encompasses a wide range of software for almost any data loss situation ranging from accidental formats to virus attacks to software malfunctions. Most major Operating Systems are supported including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, and Novell. Additional data recovery solutions include recovery from CD-ROM's, Digital Media Recovery (such as digital pictures or music files), and E-mail recovery. Data Handlers Africa Group also provides data protection, data backup, and data Forensics Services.

So whether you're a multinational corporation with loads of critical data that needs protection, or a home user who has lost some precious photos, Data Handlers Africa Group will be happy to help find a solution. Data Handlers Africa Group has over 1,000,000 satisfied customers across 7 countries in Africa

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Email Data Recovery NAS & SAN Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Database Recovery RAID Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery Digital Photo Recovery Operating System Recovery
Flash Drive Data Recovery Server Recovery Laptop Data Recovery
Mobile Device Data Recovery   Desktop Data Recovery


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