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  • You have lost data;
  • Your computer has failed to boot up;
  • Your hard drive or data partition has become inaccessible;
  • Your data is corrupt;
  • Your hard disk has crashed and does not show up any more; ("operating system not found" message.)
  • Your laptop is dead or extremely slow in booting up or running applications;
  • You have you dropped your portable hard drive or your laptop;
  • Your hard disc is making clicking or clunking noises

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Digital Photo Recovery

Our Purpose for Digital Photo Recovery

The digital world allows us to capture one-time photo memories made to last a lifetime. As quick as those photos are captured, they can be gone in an instant but not forever.We understand the value,  worth of time, moments and memories captured, and want to bring them back.

Our Expertise in Digital Recovery

Digital Recovery recognition Service

Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services can recover lost digital images in no time. Thousands of professional photographers and digital camera users trust Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services for their digital photo recovery needs.

  • Recover photos from all types of media and devices: digital camera, computer hard drive, mobile phone, flash, USB drive, or other storage media
  • Recover lost, deleted, damaged and inaccessible photos

Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services recover from any number of situations:

  • Damaged digital camera
  • Damaged computer or hard drive where photos are stored
  • Corrupt photo files
  • Accidentally deleted photos
  • Reformatted memory card or hard drive
  • Fire, water or other physical damage to media and storage devices

Choose Our Service

  • Quick, convenient and cost-effective
  • For *.jpeg and *.jpg photo files, view Service Details and Online Order form
  • For all other photo files, submit an Online Help & Quote Request or call +255 689 646 652

In some cases where your lost or deleted photos are stored on a computer, our recovery service can be performed remotely through a secure modem or internet connection without having to ship your media in for service.
Quick path to  Data Recovery Services:

Media Type Data Type System Type
Hard Drive Data Recovery Email Data Recovery NAS & SAN Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Database Recovery RAID Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery Digital Photo Recovery Operating System Recovery
Flash Drive Data Recovery Server Recovery Laptop Data Recovery
Mobile Device Data Recovery   Desktop Data Recovery



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