Call us if you...

  • You have lost data;
  • Your computer has failed to boot up;
  • Your hard drive or data partition has become inaccessible;
  • Your data is corrupt;
  • Your hard disk has crashed and does not show up any more; ("operating system not found" message.)
  • Your laptop is dead or extremely slow in booting up or running applications;
  • You have you dropped your portable hard drive or your laptop;
  • Your hard disc is making clicking or clunking noises

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File Recovery

Experts at File Recovery Services

We recover all file deleted, damaged or lost files, even if your PC doesn't boot

We recover all Files

Operating Systems Files:
for Windows  we provides the ability to effectively detect and recover files and disks lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting, virus and other reasons.

We have Professional Engineers  Skilled in checking the  integrated files ,  actualize the Virtual RAID reconstruction, being able to recover damaged RAID disk arrays, and File Organizer needed to re-organize and rename files detected by their signatures, detect  and recover an ISO image used for bootable CD/DVD or USB with a lightweight version of Windows 8™(WinPE 5.1) or Linux (OpenSUSE 13) running in RAM, recover your data when your system is not bootable and you cannot attach the corrupted Hard Disk Drive to another machine even whe Boot Disk & LiveCD cant boot the latest UEFI secure boot systems & legacy BIOS PC.

Why to use us.

  •  we can recover deleted files after Recycle Bin has been emptied, or files were deleted while bypassing the Recycle Bin (ex. large files)
  •  we can recover files lost due to accidental disk formatting, damage by virus attack, malicious program, or a power failure
  •  we can recover photos & pictures deleted from a USB Flash, or images lost after formatting a Memory Card (SD, CompactFlash)
  •  we know how  to do data restoring when partition or volume is deleted, damaged or formatted, or disk has bad sectors

Clients who face data loss disasters on proprietary or very complex systems can take advantage of an in-house team of developers and engineers who are specially trained to provide Custom Solutions for data recovery.
Quick path to  Data Recovery Services:

Media Type Data Type System Type
Hard Drive Data Recovery Email Data Recovery NAS & SAN Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Database Recovery RAID Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery Digital Photo Recovery Operating System Recovery
Flash Drive Data Recovery Server Recovery Laptop Data Recovery
Mobile Device Data Recovery File Recovery Desktop Data Recovery


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