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  • You have lost data;
  • Your computer has failed to boot up;
  • Your hard drive or data partition has become inaccessible;
  • Your data is corrupt;
  • Your hard disk has crashed and does not show up any more; ("operating system not found" message.)
  • Your laptop is dead or extremely slow in booting up or running applications;
  • You have you dropped your portable hard drive or your laptop;
  • Your hard disc is making clicking or clunking noises

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Mobile Device Recovery

Our Trust on Mobile Device Recovery

As the most trusted data recovery provider in the industry, more customers choose Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services than any other data recovery service for their mobile device recovery and all other data recovery needs.

Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery service offers a pre-service data recovery evaluation that enables you to know exactly what data you’ll get back before making decisions to proceed with a recovery service.

Our Expertise in Mobile Device Recovery

Mobile Device Recovery Capabilities

Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services offer multiple data recovery service options for mobile device recovery and are available for:

  • BlackBerry recovery
  • CompactFlash recovery
  • Memory Stick recovery
  • PC Cards (PCMCIA) recovery
  • SD Media recovery
  • Pocket PC/WinCE recovery
  • SmartMedia recovery
  • USB “Key” Drives recovery
  • xD Media recovery
  • Palm recovery
  • Digital Camera recovery
  • And more...

Why Do Mobile & Handheld Devices Lose Data?

  • Logical failure – mobile device is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as accidental deletion, overwriting, reformatting, lost partition
  • Physical damage – mobile device is not functioning caused by head crashes, motor failures, other destructive and accidental means of damage

What Causes Mobile & Handheld Device Failure?


  • System crashes
  • Viruses
  • Power surges
  • Natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes)
  • Corruption
  • Hardware failure
  • And many more data recovery disasters

Recovery Solutions for Mobile Device Data Loss

Mobile device data recovery is much more than simply replacing parts. Only dedicated R&D staff and 20 years experience ensure the latest mobile device data recovery technology.

  • In case of a physical failure, data recovery for smart phones, handhelds, pocket pc or USB sticks are performed in dust free clean room lab environments.
  • If the media is not damaged, data can be recovered through Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery's remote data recovery process.
  • If there is electrical failure, Data Handlers Africa Group Data Recovery services include dedicated staff and tools to repair or work around electronical failures, which are common causes of data loss.
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