Call us if you...

  • You have lost data;
  • Your computer has failed to boot up;
  • Your hard drive or data partition has become inaccessible;
  • Your data is corrupt;
  • Your hard disk has crashed and does not show up any more; ("operating system not found" message.)
  • Your laptop is dead or extremely slow in booting up or running applications;
  • You have you dropped your portable hard drive or your laptop;
  • Your hard disc is making clicking or clunking noises

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Our Services

Data Recovery Services

Data Gone? Hard Disk Crushed? RAID Collapsed?, Exchange Database Corrupted? Don't panic. We embrace Advanced Data Recover techniques to ensure your lost data is recovered

Computer Forensic Services

A Technology to assist in investigations and establish facts suitable for legal proceedings via a series of proven and approved methodologies.

Disaster recovery & Business continuity

No business can afford to lose valuable data. DHAG can help companies maintain business continuity in the face of data loss, by providing an unbeatable solution that will  ensure in case of a loss the business still continues to run on  as normal

Password Solutions

Recovery of lost passwords, office files eg. Word, Excel, Windows Password, Outlook ie outlook express, PST.

Services Levels

Data Handlers Africa Group offers five different service levels for our remote, in-lab and on-site services. These options provide different prices and service turn-around times to accommodate every data recovery and file recovery situation, urgency and budget

Media Type Data Type System Type
Hard Drive Data Recovery Email Data Recovery NAS & SAN Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Database Recovery RAID Data Recovery
SSD Data Recovery Digital Photo Recovery Operating System Recovery
Flash Drive Data Recovery Server Recovery Laptop Data Recovery
Mobile Device Data Recovery   Desktop Data Recovery


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